MapFactor Navigator 7.2 brings further enhacements to all versions including Android Auto

Pervious version 7.1 of MapFactor Navigator brought fullscreen mode and map gestures to Android Auto as well as searching within POI search results in the phone app. Now Navigator 7.2 comes with further handy features for both smartphones and Android Auto - new search possibilities and more.


All Favourites are now available on Android Auto - thanks to the new search

It is now possible to quickly and easily search Favourites across folders in both the standard app and Android Auto. This is great news for all users, especially those using Android Auto as it solves a Google limitation of only being able to display 6 items on one screen.

Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - Search in favourites on Android Auto

Searching countries in Map Manager

Navigator offers map data coverage of more than 200 territories all over the world. Both in the free OSM maps and in the professional TomTom maps. We have now made searching countries from this long list easier and faster.

Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - Search in map manager   Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - Search in map manager

Android Auto map download

Maps can be now downloaded directly from an Android Auto in-vehicle device.

Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - Map Download on Android Auto device

Updated welcome screen with map data selection

As you already know, Navigator supports two types of map data – free OSM maps created by volunteers from all over the world and professional maps created by TomTom. When selecting which provider to use there is now more information to introduce the basic advantages of each set of maps.

Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - welcome screen   Screeshot Mapfactor Navigator 7.2 - TomTom maps information

Another new feature, based on the suggestions from Navigator users, is the addition of two new types of info panels (time without seconds).

Screenshots: Navigation screen in Navigator 7.2

Phone app:
Navigator 7.2 - navigation screen in the phone app

Navigator on Android Auto:
Navigator 7.2 - navigation screen on Android Auto
Navigator 7.2 - navigation screen on Android Auto - route overview

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