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iOS_3.1 promo EN 300

MapFactor Navigator 3.1 for iOS: Expanded Coverage for a Worldwide Navigation

MapFactor, a renowned developer of GPS navigation apps, has recently released Navigator 3.1 for iOS devices, which includes a range of exciting updates. The update introduces a unified app icon design for both Navigator and Navigator TRUCK PRO apps on iOS, along with expanded regional coverage for an enhanced global navigation experience.

Navigator Lite_promo_w300

Introducing Navigator Lite: A New GPS App Showcasing MapFactor SDK for Android

We are introducting Navigator Lite, a new lightweight version of the renowned MapFactor Navigator GPS navigation app for Android.

PR EN Win 11 promo W300

MapFactor Navigator for Android now works on Windows 11!

A big breakthough! One of the best rated free offline GPS navigation apps for Android, MapFactor Navigator, is now available for Windows 11!


MapFactor Navigator now advises where to charge your electric car

The latest update of Mapfactor Navigator (version 7.3 for Android), popular GPS offline navigation app, adds new POI (points of interest) categories to maps. These include charging stations for electric vehicles among other interesting new POI, and not only for drivers!

promo 7.3 CZ

Navigator 7.3 with Android Auto Coolwalk UI released

The new February update of Mapfactor Navigator for Android again brings great new features - Android Auto Coolwalk UI and Picture-in-Picture mode.

navigator 7.2 promo w300

MapFactor Navigator 7.2 brings further enhacements to all versions including Android Auto

Pervious version 7.1 of MapFactor Navigator brought fullscreen mode and map gestures to Android Auto as well as searching within POI search results in the phone app. Now Navigator 7.2 comes with further handy features for both smartphones and Android Auto - new search possibilities and more.

Recap 2021 - EN w300

MapFactor’s 2021 recap and plans for 2022

Although everybody hoped that the life in 2021 will return to its normal, the last year brought again many challenges and obstacles. As promised, we continued working hard and succeeded in enhancing our navigation apps with many new innovations.

What are we especially proud of in 2021?

navigator 2.5 iOS promo w300

MapFactor Navigator 2.5 for iOS with CarPlay Beta available

New navigation app for CarPlay released! MapFactor Navigator 2.5 for iOS comes with CarPlay Beta with further improvements in the pipeline.

MF Navigator 7 AA - promo w300

Navigator 7 comes with Android Auto connectivity - for free

MapFactor Navigator is one of the first offline GPS navigation apps for Android Auto. And what is more it is free.

20 yrs MPFC EN w225

20 years of MapFactor

MapFactor celebrated 20 years at the end of April. We are proud of the many things we have achieved and are pleased with the number of satisfied customers that have been using our navigation software and tracking solutions over the years.

HD traffic Feb 2021 promo w300 EN

Live HD Traffic in Navigator - new countries with online traffic information now available

The live HD Traffic feature connects Navigator to the online world, keeping the drivers updated with the current situation on their route.
Online traffic information has been available in MapFactor Navigator since April 2017 (Android) and November 2019 (iOS). But the number of countries covered has now been increased.


MapFactor’s 2020 recap and plans for 2021

New Navigator PRO apps, new features, development of Navigator for Android Auto and CarPlay and much more what we achieved in 2020 or plan for 2021.
Navigator Pro iOS w300

Navigator Pro (iOS) - the new navigation app for cars and trucks

Let us introduce you to our new iOS navigation app MapFactor Navigator Pro for iOS devices, which has been developed specificaly for cars (Standard version) and large vehicles (Truck version) like trucks, lorries, HGVs, LGVs, delivery vans, buses, motorhomes, caravans, campers and RVs.

The latest TomTom maps, live traffic and all premium features in one easy yearly subscription.

Just choose the version you wish - CAR or TRUCK.

NavTruckPro promo w300 EN

Navigator Truck Pro (Android) - the new navigation app for trucks and large vehicles

We would like to introduce you to our new navigation app MapFactor Navigator Truck Pro for Android devices, which has been developed specificaly for large vehicles like trucks, lorries, HGVs, LGVs, delivery vans, buses, motorhomes, caravans, campers and RVs.

Routing is optimised for vehicle parameters like height and width, cargo weight and live traffic updates.

navigator 6 - promo 300

Navigator 6 with a new menu design and online search

A new version of MapFactor Navigator for Android is now available.

Navigator 6 brings major improvements, especially to the user interface.

Navigator iOS 2.0 - promo EN w300

Avoid traffic problems with MapFactor Navigator 2.0 for iOS

MapFactor Navigator 2.0 for iOS has been released at the beginning of November 2019 and brings great new features and updates.

NAV 19 promo w300

Navigator 19 – more accurate and reliable gps navigation with the most recent maps

Thanks to the latest offline maps, Navigator 19 can navigate you more precisely and reliably than ever before, even without a data connection. Simply download offline maps of any of the 200+ countries to your Windows PC, notebook, laptop or PDA and find the best route for you.

nav 5.0 - chameleon

MapFactor Navigator 5.0 - a colour changing chameleon

MapFactor Navigator 5.0 for Android devices has a UI facelift and new app colour themes. Adorn Navigator in your favourite colour!

Promo iOS 1.7 EN w300

MapFactor Navigator 1.7 introduces TTS and expanded customisation option

MapFactor Navigator 1.7 for iOS devices now includes TTS for better navigation information, new many customisation options and further improvements.

Remote commands EN w300

MapFactor Navigator – communicate with your fleet using remote commands

Mapfactor Navigator is one of the few applications that allows integration into other dispatching and telematics software for remote communication with the vehicle. It provides flexible communication between the driver and control centre.

Nav 4_0 And promo w300

MapFactor Navigator 4.0 for Android released with new offline fulltext search

MapFactor Navigator 4.0 for Android brings many improvements, the major being the introduction of the new offline one-line fulltext search.

iOS 1.4 promo w300 EN

MapFactor Navigator 1.4 for iOS introduces Premium features

The new 1.4 version of MapFactor Navigator for iOS introduces Premium features for iPhones - Alternative routes, Head-Up Display and No Ads.

Tracking4Free promo EN PNG

12 benefits of Tracking4Free Vehicle Tracking

Tracking4Free is all you need for tracking your fleet. It offers complete solution (both hardware and software) for live automatic vehicle location.

iOS 1.1 promo EN w300 nove

Navigator 1.1 for iOS now supports TomTom maps

A new version of MapFactor Navigator for iOS has been released with support for professional maps from TomTom.

Navigator iOS 1st version w300

MapFactor Navigator 1.0 released for iOS

MapFactor Navigator, the best rated free offline GPS Navigation app for Android, is now available also for iPhones!

3.1 - main w300

MapFactor Navigator 3.1 - a new user interface and much more

Version 3.1 of mapFactor Navigator for Android brings visible changes as well as under the hood improvements.

Actis 7 Wifi dvojita w300

Actis 7 Wifi - More Than Just Navigation

Actis 7 Wifi is a modern GPS Navigation device using advanced MapFactor Pocket Navigator software. What sets it apart from other navigation devices is its expandability - possibility to connect the device to external devices and integrate it into logistics systems.


Navigator 17 for Windows devices released

Navigator 17, a new version of the offline GPS navigation software for Windows devices, has been recently released. It is based on the best rated free offline navigation app for Android devices – MapFactor Navigator.

banner 3.0 w300

MapFactor Navigator 3.0 for Android now offers live traffic information

Navigator 3.0 for Android, which is just being released, brings great new features and many updates. Live Traffic information is the most exciting one.

Tiskovka 2.2 w300 uvodni

MapFactor Navigator 2.2 for Android adds more customisation possibilities

Navigator 2.2 version for Android devices released at the beginning of this September brings many exciting and useful changes.

12-advantages I w300

12 further advantages of MapFactor GPS Navigation app

Our two posts summarise the 12 further advantageous features of mapfactor GPS navigation app.

Navigator 6 reasons w_300

6 main reasons for using MapFactor GPS Navigation

What are the 6 main reasons for using MapFactor GPS Navigation? Navigator is a free offline navigation with many other advantages. Read more...

PR 15yrs EN w300

Happy Birthday MapFactor

MapFactor is celebrating its 15th birthday. We are proud of the many things we have achieved.

Alternative routes verze 2.1 w300

MapFactor Navigator 2.1 for Android introduces Premium features

The 2.1 version brings some exciting changes, like the Premium Features and many other improvements.

- Alternative routes
- Head Up Display
- Ability to remove Ads
- User Interface
- Better Tools dialog
- Improved Route Info dialog.

PR - 30 mil installs EN pro PR

MapFactor Navigator reaches 30 million installs on the Android Play Store

MapFactor Navigator was installed for the 30 millionth time on Android devices this week.

Google Play hvezdy

MapFactor Navigator increases its US rating

In 2015 MapFactor GPS Navigation app has achieved an increased Google Play rating on the US market. This makes it the highest rated offline navigation app on Google Play store.

Navigator - tablet + mobil maly

MapFactor Navigator now available for Windows tablets

There is a new version of the offline gps navigation app MapFactor Navigator for Windows supporting TomTom GPS navigation maps with more consistent and reliable navigation information and available for both Windows 8.1/10 tablets and Windows Phone devices.

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Navigator - FREE app

"MapFactor: GPS Navigation (OSM maps)" offers free access not only to maps, but also to theirs updates. In addition, the voice navigation is very enjoyable and I recommend it highly.

Overall rating: Very good!

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