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New 1.7 version of Navigator for iOS released!

Navigator 1.7 for iOS devices has been released. It inludes Text-To-Speech, which increases voice navigation information with audible street names, many new customisation options and further improvements.
For more info read here.

Remmote com w225 EN

Communicate with your vehicle fleet using remote commands in Navigator

MapFactor Navigator provides flexible communication between the driver and control centre.

Read more in our new post.

Nav 1.6 GPX

Navigator 1.6 for iOS - Record your trip, replay and share it as GPX file

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps 1.6 for iOS has just been released allowing you to record your trips as GPX files which can be replayed or shared later.
You find this feature in My Places / Recordings.

Navigator 1.6 for iOS - GPX files recording - screenshots

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New TomTom maps for Navigator available!

New TomTom maps for Navigator are now available for Andoroid and iOS version of the app.

Optional TomTom maps offer enhanced map coverage for normal as well as large vehicles. Users can buy them directly in the app (Map manager / Buy maps).