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Wake Me There - GPS Alarm

We released a new, easy to use Android app for all commuters who do not wish to miss their destination:


Free download on Google Play Store

Set a GPS location based alarm in a few seconds and it will wake you before you reach your destination. No more missing your stop, or falling asleep and going past your station. Simply set a distance before your stop at which you want to be woken up.

Save money, save time, save your relationship, be at work on time!

And of course if you just want to wake up on time without GPS you can do that too.

Screenshots from Wake Me There - GPS Alarm

Main Page of Wake Me There - GPS Alarm app for Android Setting of the GPS location based alarm in Wake Me There - GPS Alarm app for Android Screenshot - GPS alarm Alarm clock setting in Wake Me There - GPS Alarm

Navigator iOS 1st version w225

MapFactor GPS Navigation 1.0 for iOS released!

MapFactor Navigator 1.0 is now available also for iOS!

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps (MapFactor Navigator) 1.0 is a completely free GPS navigation app using free offline maps from the OpenStreetMaps project. Maps are updated every month for free. You can navigate without an internet connection in more than 200 countries.

Intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigation is available in different languages, including speed limit and camera warnings, with many other useful features.

More info available here.

DYK16 EN w225

Did you know? Quick actions in Navigator 3.1

MapFactor Navigator 3.1 (Android) brought new quick actions. These appear after a long click on the screen either during navigation or while viewing the map.

More in our latest Did you know post.


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Dear customers,
we wish you Merry Christmas and a safe stress free journey wherever you go.
The MapFactor team.