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PC & Pocket Navigator 21 with the latest TomTom maps

A new version of PC & Pocket Navigator for Windows or WinCE devices is now available. It offers the professional TomTom map data (Version 77 - our edition October 2021).

You can choose from Navigator 21 for standard vehicles or Navigator 21 Truck , which offers reliable offline navigation for trucks and large vehicles.

Updated version of MapExplorer software and the OCX modules are also available.

new TT maps 10-2021 w225 en

New TomTom maps available (version 77)

New TomTom maps (version 77 - Mapfactor release October 6, 2021) are now available for all Navigator apps, MapExplorer and OCX modules.

You can also download updated camera light and camera speed databases. (Tools / Map manager / Download maps / Speed Cameras).

Navigator for Android/iOS:

Download the new maps for free within your yearly subsctiption or get it through in-app purchase in NavigatorFREE.

PC/Pocket Navigator for Windows or WinCE devices:

For PC/Pocket Navigator 21 visit our e-shop. Discount on map upgrades for existing customers available!

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Mapfactor Navigator now also for your iPad, with new maps of Oceania

The September release of MapFactor Navigator for iOS (both the FREE and the PRO versions) has brought support for iPads. You can now take advantage of the larger screen for more comfortable navigation.

Other recent updates include new professional TomTom maps of countries in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia) and backup import from XML.

screenshots of Navigator on iPad

further screenshots of Navigator on iPad

Navigator 7 with Android Auto promo w225

Navigator 7 with Android Auto released

Great news! Navigator 7 with full Android Auto compatibility has been released! And what is more, Android Auto connectivity is available at no extra charge.

For more details read here.

PS: Soon available also for Navigator PRO versions.