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PC & Pocket Navigator 22 with the latest TomTom maps

A new version of PC & Pocket Navigator for Windows or WinCE devices is now available. It offers the professional TomTom map data (version 80 from March 2022).

You can choose from Navigator 22 for standard vehicles or Navigator 22 Truck , which offers reliable offline navigation for trucks and large vehicles.

Updated version of MapExplorer software and the OCX modules are also available.

new TT maps 6-2022

New TomTom maps available (version 80)

New TomTom maps (version 80 dated May 30, 2022 ) are now available for all Navigator apps, MapExplorer and OCX modules.

Navigator for Android/iOS:

Download the new maps for free within your yearly subsctiption or get it through in-app purchase in NavigatorFREE.

PC/Pocket Navigator for Windows or WinCE devices:

For new maps for PC/Pocket Navigator visit our e-shop. Discount on map upgrades for existing customers available!

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Navigator 7.2 released

The new version of Navigator for Android brings great improvements for smartphones as well as Android Auto.

  • searching favourites across folders in both the app and Android Auto
  • searching countries in Map download manager
  • downloading maps in Android Auto
  • information on the basic advantages of OSM and TomTom map data
  • two new types of info panels.
    • More details and screenshots here. review w220

MapFactor Named Best Navigation App for International Use of 2022 by

The platform ranked Mapfactor Navigator "Best for International Use" among the most reliable solutions for Android as well as iOS users to get around.

The review lists the Top 10 Navigation Apps to Try and compares the features, pricing and support available for these apps.

"This is one of the top options for users who are planning to drive overseas. MapFactor Navigator can provide you with accurate directions in over 200 countries, and its voice-guided navigation feature is available in many different languages as well. You can toggle between 2D/3D map mode as well as day/night mode, and this app will also warn you about speed limit enforcement cameras. ..."