MapFactor Navigator now advises where to charge your electric car

The latest update of Mapfactor Navigator (version 7.3 for Android), popular GPS offline navigation app, adds new POI (points of interest) categories to maps. These include charging stations for electric vehicles among other interesting new POI, and not only for drivers!


Navigator helps you plan a stop to recharge your electric car

The new updates to the POI database will probably be most appreciated by electric car drivers. Now they can easily find a charging station in Navigator using the POI search, whether near their current location, around a specified destination or along their route.

However, there are also new points of interest which are useful for all drivers, including professionals, like car washes, weigh stations and coach parking places and stops.

But Navigator is not only for cars or trucks. It is also often used by cyclists and for hiking in the city and the countryside. Additions include coach stops, toilets, pubs, caves, springs and wells, and trail systems.

Points of interest can be easily searched, used for navigation and managed

As you might expect, points of interest are displayed on the map when you view it. But that is not all. Navigator can also search for them using the POI tab of the main menu. The search result can be then used for various actions, such as setting a destination and navigating there, adding a waypoint, adding to Favourites or having it displayed on the map.

MapFactor Navigator 7.3 - screenshots - POI search, POI categories
MapFactor Navigator 7.3 - screenshots - POI electric vehicle station as route destination

As you might know, MapFactor Navigator is one of the most customisable navigation apps. This is also the case with points of interest. In Settings - Map Customisation, it is possible to select which types of POIs should be displayed on the map and which should remain hidden. This makes the map adaptable to each user.

The new POIs are available in the free version of Navigator as well as in the Car Pro and Truck Pro versions – their accuracy and completeness are always dependent on the quality of the map data.

About MapFactor Navigator

MapFactor Navigator is a free offline GPS navigation app for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets with more than 30 million downloads. It offers detailed step-by-step voice navigation in different languages, OSM map coverage for over 200 countries and a variety of useful features. Thanks to offline maps, you can navigate completely without a data connection. Alternatively, it offers professional TomTom maps for standard vehicles or trucks.

Download links – Navigator on Google Play:

  • Navigator FREE – free offline GPS navigation for standard vehicles and pedestrians with OpenStreetMaps map data
  • Navigator CAR PRO – professional GPS navigation for standard vehicles with offline TomTom maps and all additional features
  • Navigator TRUCK PRO – professional GPS navigation for large vehicles (trucks, lorries, busses, motorhomes, caravans) with offline TomTom Truck maps and all additional features

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