6. Setting up your vehicle

In Navigator you can use a predefined template for route calculation (Bicycle, Car, Bus, Pedestrian, Truck) or create your own vehicle profile which exactly matches your own car.

TomTom maps can help to navigate large vehicles like trucks, buses or camper-vans.


Navigator's predefined vehicle templates

Screenshot - Active car profile

Navigator has several predefined templates which you can use to calculate your route:

  • Bicycle
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Pedestrian
  • Truck

They are designed to use different types of road at different speeds. For example, pedestrians can use footpaths but not motorways and travel very slowly.

Create your own vehicle profile in Navigator

Did you know that you can create your own vehicle profile for navigation by going to Settings and selecting Vehicle Profiles?

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons that you can use to create your own vehicle. Tap on Car+ to create a profile that exactly matches your own car.

Screenshot - Car parameters Screenshot - Road restrictions Screenshot - Motorway setting

TomTom maps for large vehicle navigation

If you drive a large vehicle like a truck, bus or camper-van and don't want to get stuck there is help too. You can purchase TomTom maps with truck and large vehicle information which will automatically calculate routes that avoid bridges, narrow lanes tunnels and other restrictions that your vehicle could not fit. To get TomTom maps go to Map Manager from the main menu and select Buy Maps.