Did you know?

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14. Live HD Traffic information

Live HD traffic feature has been available for Navigator customers since April 2017 (Android) and November 2019 (iOS).

HD traffic offers live traffic information that is displayed on the map and used for route calculation and its optimisation.

Updated: April 9, 2021

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18. App colour schemes

Change the app colour scheme to suit your mood and preferences.

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17. Navigator Settings - backup / export / import (Android)

How to backup and export Navigator settings when upgrading your phone or reinstalling your app.

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16. Quick actions

MapFactor Navigator 3.1 for Android devices has new quick actions.

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15. Truck restriction icons on the map

Navigator 3.0 brought a new feature for truck and large vehicle drivers. Now truck restriction can be seen as icons directly on the map.

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13. Optimisation of waypoints

Navigator can optimise the order of waypoints and thus make the route shorter.

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12. Map customisation

In Navigator you can customise the map. Adjust the sizes of texts, roads and icons, choose which POI types to display on the map or change the map colours.

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11. Speed limit and camera warnings

Navigator can help you stay within the speed limit and avoid unnecessary fines.
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10. Customisable colours of the GPS navigation arrow and the route highlights

Customise the colour of the GPS navigation arrow or change the colour of the routes highlights to any colour you wish.

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9. Head-up Display

If you use navigation regularly, you will often find yourself checking the navigation instructions as you drive. At night this can be difficult when you switch gaze between a bright screen and the road ahead. You can solve this problem by using the Head-Up display feature in Navigator.

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8. Importing GPX tracks

Navigator can import GPX journeys and waypoints.

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7. Alternative Routes

Alternative routes are one of several Premium Features in MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps app. For Android users they were introduced in version 2.1 of Navigator for Android, for iPhone users in version 1.4 of Navigator for iOS.


6. Setting up your vehicle

In Navigator you can use a predefined template for route calculation (Bicycle, Car, Bus, Pedestrian, Truck) or create your own vehicle profile which exactly matches your own car.

TomTom maps can help to navigate large vehicles like trucks, buses or camper-vans.

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5. Record, Replay, Share Your Journey

MapFactor Navigator, our GPS Navigation App, allows you to record your trips as files which can be replayed or shared later.


4. Detour

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or road works and you wanted to drive an alternative way for the next couple of miles? In Navigator there is a way to do that.

Detour is really a little known and well hidden feature!

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3. Info panels

When using the map or navigating three info panels are displayed at the bottom of the screen to show you information about your position and your journey.

Did you know that you can have more than three info panels or change the info they display?


2. Odometer

Odometer in Navigator lets you record distances you have driven. Very similar to the one that you have in your car. But with Navigator you can split your journeys between private and business trips.

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1. Using the map

Tips for using the map of MapFactor Navigator (Android).