Navigator 24 - Australia + New Zealand

Navigation software Navigator for Australia and New Zealand

Price: 73.50 EUR

Price (VAT incl.): 89.00 EUR


  • New TCP/IP commands for remote communication
  • More accurate velocity profiles
  • Imports of areas and lines
  • Improved text placement (street and city names) on the map

Voice guidance

  • intuitive voice navigation in different languages
  • door to door route planning
  • cross-border routing without the need to switch between countries or to a less detailed map
  • overview of the upcoming manoeuvre and distance shown on the screen
  • Traffic lane assistant
  • Motorway Signs – clear signs which show the direction of travel
  • Real 3D icons of important landmarks

GPS satellite navigation

  • 2D/3D mode allows realistic visual map display
  • day/night modes switch colour schemes for day or night time driving
  • map rotates in driving direction, or north up


  • find nearest points of interest
  • postcodes
  • full GB postcodes (1.8 million)

Speed cameras

  • hear audible warnings as you approach speed cameras


  • odometer keeps a track of private and business mileage
  • add your own favourites
  • organise your favourites into different categories
  • TMC - real-time traffic informations
  • routing modes for car, pedestrian, truck
  • route avoidance - block off certain road from your route
  • database import into the map
  • direct import from xls, dbf and access files with utilities provided

Remote TCP/IP commands

  • 2 way communication between driver and dispatcher
  • mobile device Vehicle Tracking
  • works with our VTU only
  • track your vehicles remotely on a mobile device
  • keep your vehicles under control and reduce costs
  • efficient tool for tracking and managing of your vehicles wherever you are

Integration into superiour telematic systems

Navigator can integrate with other programs with a number of external commands. These can be sent to Navigator via a serial interface or TCP / IP. So you can resize the Navigator window, change various settings, send new routing points or communicate with the driver similar to ICQ and many others. You can also obtain information from Navigator, f.e. remaining time or distance to destination, current coordinates, and others.

The list of current commands can be found here.

Other modifications in Navigator can be done by changing the configuration files. Buttons may be removed from the menu, or vice versa buttons can be added to the map/navigation screen.


PC Navigator

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • 4.5 GB free hard disc space for complete installation of Europe

Pocket Navigator

  • PDA with Pocket PC 2003 or later, Windows Mobile, WinCE
  • memory card (4.5 GB for complete Europe instalation)
  • touchscreen (VGA, QVGA, 240x240 px)

Navigator on Linux and Mac OS X

  • Under Linux install under WINE (
  • For USB GPS (which mounts on /dev/ttyACMO) create link:
  • ~/.wine/dosdevices$ ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 com1
  • Tested on Ubuntu 10.04, wine 1.1.42, GPS BR 355 (usb), PC Navigator 10 (10.0.51)
  • Under Mac OS X install under WINE ( Install windows font with TRiX, part of Darwine.
  • For USB GPS (which maps on /dev/ttyACMO) create link:
  • ~/.wine/dosdevices$ ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 com1
  • Tested on Mac OS X xxx, wine xxx, GPS BR 355 (usb), PC Navigator 10 (10.0.51)


Video prezentation of PC & Pocket Navigator 21

Watch video tutorial on PC & Pocket Navigator (YouTube).


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PC Navigator

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Map coverage

Map coverage.

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