Live HD Traffic in Navigator - new countries with online traffic information now available

The live HD Traffic feature connects Navigator to the online world, keeping the drivers updated with the current situation on their route.
Online traffic information has been available in MapFactor Navigator since April 2017 (Android) and November 2019 (iOS). But the number of countries covered has now been increased.


HD traffic offers live traffic information that is displayed on the map and used for route calculation and its optimisation.

More than 35 new territories with online traffic

In February 2021 many new territories have been added to HD Traffic and are now available in Navigator for Android and iOS - 29 new territories in Europe, 6 in Africa and 3 in America.

The list has more than doubled to 60 territories. (see below)

For example: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Baltic countries, Mexiko, Egypt, Marocco and many others.

And even more regions are yet to come in 2021 (parts of Asia, Oceania, South America, Middle East etc.).

Note: Navigator itself does not gather or store any user location data unlike most other navigation apps, offering its customers greater privacy. Live traffic data is sourced from TomTom.

Read our Did you know? HD Traffic feature for more details.

HD traffic Croatia
Example: Online traffic in Zagreb (Croatia)

HD traffic Greece
Example: HD Traffic information in Athens (Greece)

How to get online traffic to Navigator?

All Navigator PRO and Navigator Truck PRO customers have this feature included in their yearly subscription.

For NavigatorFREE users, HD Traffic is available as an in-app purchase (Tools / Buy maps) on a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription.

Customers with an active subscription will automatically get access to new countries in their subscribed region.

List of countries now covered by Live HD Traffic (February 2021):

(PDF for download)

Ă…land Islands new
Andorra new
Azores and Madeira new
Balearic Islands new
Belarus new
Bosnia-Herzegovina new
Bulgaria new
Canary Islands new
Croatia new
Estonia new
Gibraltar new
Greece new
Hungary new
Channel Islands (Guernsey & Jersey) new
Iceland new
Republic of Ireland
Isle of Man new
Latvia new
Liechtenstein new
Lithuania new
Malta new
Monaco new
The Netherlands
Romania new
Russian Federation new
San Marino new
Serbia new
Slovakia new
Turkey new
Ukraine new
United Kingdom
Vatican City new

Egypt new
Kenya new
Lesotho new
Morocco new
Mozambique new
Nigeria new
South Africa

North America
Mexico new
Puerto Rico new
United States of America
United States Virgin Islands new