MapFactor Navigator 2.1 for Android introduces Premium features

The 2.1 version brings some exciting changes, like the Premium Features and many other improvements.

- Alternative routes
- Head Up Display
- Ability to remove Ads
- User Interface
- Better Tools dialog
- Improved Route Info dialog.


The new version of MapFactor Navigator for Android brings some exciting changes and many improvements.

Premium Features in Navigator 2.1:

Alternative Routes

Select from 3 pre-calculated routes. Use the one which suits you best.
Price: 4 EUR (4.50 USD)

Head Up Display

Navigation instructions are projected on the windscreen of your car so you can keep your eye on the road.
Price: 3 EUR (3.30 USD)

Ability to remove Ads

Use Navigator without adverts for a distraction free experience.
Price: 2 EUR (2.30 USD)

App colour schemes (Navigator 5.0)

- introduced by Navigator 5.0 in May 2019
Adorn Navigator in your favourite colour! Futher 15 colour scheme options for your choice.
Price: 1 EUR (1.20 USD)

The Premium Features can be bought either separately or as a Mega Pack for a discounted price of 6 EUR (6.6 USD).


Further changes and improvements in the Navigator 2.1 version:

  • User Interface
  • Better Tools dialog
  • Improved Route Info dialog
  • Many improvements to GL rendering (hardware accelerated rendering)
  • Lots of other bug fixes

The new 2.1 version is available for free now in Google Play Store.

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