Navigator Pro (iOS) - the new navigation app for cars and trucks

Let us introduce you to our new iOS navigation app MapFactor Navigator Pro for iOS devices, which has been developed specificaly for cars (Standard version) and large vehicles (Truck version) like trucks, lorries, HGVs, LGVs, delivery vans, buses, motorhomes, caravans, campers and RVs.

The latest TomTom maps, live traffic and all premium features in one easy yearly subscription.

Just choose the version you wish - CAR or TRUCK.



The new app is based on the popular offline GPS navigation MapFactor Navigator for iOS and can navigate offline without a data connection using only GPS. TomTom maps are downloaded to your device.

Routing is optimised for your vehicle dimensions and weight

Set your vehicle parameters and dimensions like

  • height, width, weight, length, axle load, maximum speed,
  • transported material (HAZMAT),
  • U-turn possibility,
  • optimisation mode (shortest, fastest, cheapest) and
  • individual road restrictions (toll roads, charge roads, congestion charged roads, ferries).
  • Navigator Pro calculates the best route avoiding roads not suitable for your vehicle and cargo.

    MapFactor Navigator Pro (iOS) - screenshots 1-3

    Navigator Pro one-year subscription includes:

    • Professional offline TomTom maps (Standard or Truck) with quarterly updates. The latest maps are allways at your hand on your device, even if you have no data connection.
      The specialised TomTom Truck maps contain advanced, truck-specific road data such as tunnel heights, bridge loads, narrow streets, and other large vehicle restrictions.
    • Live HD Traffic information for selected countries (so you never get stuck in traffic or face a closed road)
    • Up to 3 alternative routes and 3 optimisation modes (fastest, shortest, cheapest). Choose the best for you.
    • Head-Up Display feature for safer night driving. Navigation instructions are projected on the windscreen of your car so you can keep your eye on the road.
    • Offline / Online search
    • Truck restriction icons on the map for better control and overview
    • Speed limits and Speed Camera warnings
    • Waypoint optimisation - set multiple waypoints for loading and unloading your cargo and let Navigator re-arrange their order for best efficiency.
    • Lane assistant
    • Remote commands
    • Blue motorway signposts
    • No ads

    The subscription offers a major financial saving especially for professional drivers, because it offers all of the paid features, life traffic and the latest professional maps.

    A 7 days free trial is available for testing before payment is due.

    Other common features from Navigator available as well:

    • Intuitive turn-by-turn voice navigation with detailed directions in various languages
    • Door-to-door route planning
    • Full GB postcodes
    • Points of interest (POIs)
    • Favourite routes and places
    • Search for addresses, POIs or by coordinates
    • Overview of the upcoming manoeuvre and distance shown on the screen
    • 2D / 3D mode allows realistic visual maps display
    • Day / night map mode
    • Route avoidance - block off certain road from your route
    • Plan you trip in advance and save it for future use
    • Maps rotate in driving direction, or north up
    • Customisation possibilities
      • MapFactor Navigator Pro (iOS) - screenshots 4-6

        MapFactor Navigator Pro is available now on App Store - download and test now!

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        Press materials:

        Press package with all materials (screenshots, press release, icon etc.) for download here (.ZIP).