News - 5/2017

DYK 14 EN w220

Did you know? 14. HD traffic - Online traffic information

HD traffic is a new online service introduced by mapFactor GPS Navigation 3.0.
Navigator 3.0 uses online traffic information for route calculation and optimisation.

For more information on how to use and get HD traffic feature read Did you know? Live HD traffic Information.


Navigator speaks Klingon!

Are you a Star Trek fan? Then you will love that navigation instructions in Navigator are now available also in Klingon!

How to set up Kalingon navigation instruction for mapfactor Navigator:

1) Download a Klingon Text-to-speech engine to your Android device (e.g. here)

2) In your smartphone's setting, set Klingon TTS.

3) Open Navigator, go to Settings/Localisation/Navigation voice/Voice engine and choose Klingon Text-to-speech Engine.

Now you can hear navigation instructions in Klingon.

Original photo: Ryan Somma